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Year-Round Specials

Holmes Lawn Care, Inc. offers seasonal specials. 

Lawn Mowing

New Customers 1/2 Off First Mowing!

Lawns are serviced every 7-10 days, based on weather and turf growth conditions.

Mowing includes: 

Lawns are serviced every 7-10 days, based on weather and turf growth conditions.

  • mowing turf areas
  • trimming around the perimeter and misc. objects
  • blowing of walks, driveways and porch areas
  • bi-weekly edging 

Six-Step Lawn Applications

New Customers 1/2 Off First Application!

 Lawn fertilizer and weed control are timed every 5-7 weeks to target weeds and keep the turf looking healthy.

Round 1 

The fertilizers we use include urea and potash, and for newly seeded or sodded lawns, a dose of phosphorous. We attack the crabgrass before it has a chance to start growing. At the same time, we select and apply a weed control product for pre-emergent control of crabgrass and many other broadleaf weeds.

Round 2

This fertilizer application consists of a balanced nitrogen, phosphate (if needed), and potassium plus iron to promote greening. The weed control products we include with this application target dandelions, plantain, chickweed and other unwanted plants in your lawn.

Round 3

Another shot of fertilizer and weed control formulated for summer weather conditions. This application may be granular and may be combined with our grub control application if included in your program.

Round 4

A late summer weed-and-feed application combines our specially formulated fertilizers and weed controls to arrest those dandelions, plantains and chickweeds whose seeds have drifted into your yard.

Round 5

By early fall, most perennials will have come and gone, and your annual flower plantings will have peaked, but weed seeds are still active. We apply another dose of lawn fertilizer and weed control, adjusting the products to get the best results possible for our fall weather conditions.

  Round 6

Believe it or not, fall is THE best time to control weeds. Weed control products applied at this time are transported to the roots, killing the entire plants instead of just the parts above the soil surface. The late fall fertilizing formula keeps your grass healthy right until the time it goes dormant and becomes covered with snow.

Spring Sign Up Specials

You can use the contact us link to find out about our early bird specials.

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